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Herbal Wisdom: The Path of Natural Healing
Herbal Wisdom Staff

Herbal Wisdom is a brand new website created and founded by myself "Ribbit" in hope that it will become one of the most utilized and top herbal medicine websites on the internet. With modern times bringing about a fast paced lifestyle and with evolving technology, this website is geared toward not only learning the basics of Herbal Medicine and Remedy Making; but becoming an educational resource for the development and advancement of furthering the tradition of natural healing through the use of herbs and plants. It is my goal for this site to be a cooperative collaboration among herbalists and healers around the world, thus this site as it grows will need the help, participation and effort of knowledgeable and qualified herbalists.

Herbal Wisdom is currently seeking the following positions:

Please note the following positions are unpaid, however the compensation for the help and participation will be the joy of collaborating with fellow herbalists, helping expand the knowledge, study, wisdom, and practice of medicinal herbalism by teaching and sharing, and the gratification of helping others. This may change in the future, if the website grows and becomes what I hope it will be.

Qualified Herbalists/Administrators - I am seeking at least three qualified medicinal Herbalists to help me expand and administrate the site. The position requires at least 10 years of study and practice with medicinal herbalism having mastered the basics. The following is requested but not required, having a certified certificate of an herbalism program, or having studied and practiced under the supervision of a professional or qualified herbalist for at least two years. One must have general knowledge of common plants used in medicine making preferably plants indigenous or grown in the United States. In addition advanced or intermediate knowledge of ucoz website hosting, or knowledge of html and css; as well as having proficient spelling and grammar.

Intermediate Herbalists/Forum Moderators - I am seeking herbalists that have a background of at least five years of studying and working with medicinal herbalism to help moderate the forums. Helpful but not required is at least having studied and practiced under the guidance and supervision of a certified or qualified herbalists for at least one year; having general knowledge of common plants used in herbal medicines, has general or basic knowledge of the ucoz website hosting platform; and has sufficient spelling and grammar skills. *Alternatively is you have proficent knowledge of a specific area or field within the forums, you may also apply for the position for that specific forum section.

Further Positions will become available as needed through the growth and development of the site and project.

To apply for one of the listed positions please first sign up and register as a member of the site, then please email me at

Please Include the Following:

  • The length of time you have both studied and practiced Medicinal Herbalism.
  • A short essay (1-2 paragraphs) on what led you to study and practice Herbalism.
  • Any certificates or degrees you have in Medicinal Herbalism.
  • List any mentors or certified or qualified herbalists you have studied and practiced under, and for how long.
  • List any specialized areas or fields you have focused on within Herbalism.
  • List ten herbs that you think should be included in a herbal first aid kit.
  • Optional- List any references you have relating to your study and practice with Medicinal Herbalism.

Following the email, I will respond usually with 48 hours, to schedule and setup an interview either by phone or chat. Note sometime in the future the application process will or might include a test, to test the proficiency level of your knowledge of herbal medicine. If this feature is added you will either be notified before hand, or notified in the response email.

If you have any questions, concerns, or comments you may also feel free to email me at

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