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Herbal Wisdom: The Path of Natural Healing
I am seeking certified or qualified herbalist for administrator and moderator positions to help build, manage, and expand the site. For more information see the Herbal Wisdom Staff page.
Views: 351 | Added by: Ribbit | Date: 26/June/2012

Welcome to Herbal Wisdom
Please Carefully read our Terms of Service/Use, and our Disclaimer before using this website in any manner.

This site is a broad and extensive project for the study, advancement, education, and collaboration of Medicinal Herbalism. Here I aim to share as much on the subject including basics, preparation, methods, remedy recipes, herb and plant information as I can and so on. I hope in time this site will become a meeting place for like minded herbal healers and enthusiasts to come, share, and take part in the herbal wisdom we all have, love, and use.

Please know that this site is new, and as such with the immense field of study at hand, it will take a lot of time, perhaps years to get this site full of ripe material the way that I personally have envisioned it, but with help and resources I am sure myself and whomever else that wishes to help and collaborate we can make this site a beacon of hope for herbal medicine and natural healing.

What is Herbal Wisdom and the Path of Natural Healing?  It is the path we take to consciously step forward in life and utilize the natural resources around us each day to better our lives and take care of our body, our mind, and our spirit. We have the capability to nourish ourselves in a way that does not solely rely upon the economic restraints of western medicine. This does not mean we throw out conventional medicine entirely, it means that we learn to take care of ourselves by using natural remedies provided to us by nature so we can heal ourselves naturally to the best of our ability and only relying on expensive medical care when we are not capable of natural healing.

Long before conventional western medicine healers relied solely upon nature for its medicines, and today herbal medicines are still used as the primary source of treatment for many developing countries and many cultures. It is only appropriate to continue this long used traditional form of medicine and to appreciate the beauty and effect nature, herbs, and plants provide. The fundamental aspect of Herbal Wisdom is to incorporate medicinal herbalism into our daily lives to treat common ailments and illnesses such as wounds and pain, headaches, viral and bacterial infections, stomach aches and conditions, cardiovascular and circulatory health, diabetes and metabolic conditions, sexual and reproductive health related conditions; as well as mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety, insomnia and so on. These ailments account for the majority of hospital and doctor visits, in which they get treated with synthetically derived drugs, many of which we derived at some point or another from constituents and derivatives from common plants and herbs.

It is our goal here to provide as much information as possible to help people take care of themselves naturally so that they do not need to rely so much on hospitals and doctors, effectively saving them money on health care insurance or health care fees. We have to realize that the only reason we spend so much of our time and our money with the current health care system is because unlike natural healing which is mostly free and inexpensive, doctors and hospitals charge hundreds and thousands of dollars and sometimes that's just for one visit or simple procedure, but we have come to familiarize our self with this capitalized system because our society and culture has grown to rely and depend on capitalism and the economic prowess of wealth and power. But remember there were healers who used herbs and plants long before doctors and hospitals, and our human species is still alive and thriving.

Today you can find in stores many commercially made herbal remedies and products, many of which are quite effective and healthier to use than pharmaceutical drugs. However there is nothing more enjoyable than learning how to make your own medicine using plants and herbs, many of which grow commonly outside of your house and around your area. Personally I find it so satisfying to make my own plant medicine because I know exactly what is being used to make the medicine, because I am the one making it; I find and believe that I have more trust that it will not only work effectively and safely but also it helps uplift my spirit in the process. I think the reason herbal medicine hasn't been as popular in today's era of technology and advancement is because of the lack of understanding, education of medicinal herbalism and herbal remedies, and the uncertainty of their effect, strength, and safety and whether or not they provide relief of symptoms and help cure conditions, ailments, and disease.

We ask you, any of you whether you are just interested or curious, just starting out or if you have been studying and practicing medicinal herbalism for years; to please come join us and help us expand the knowledge and understanding, the education and advocacy, the passion, and the wisdom of Herbal Medicine and Remedy Making. We ask that you help participate by posting in the forums, or by applying for staff positions here at Herbal Wisdom to help us manage and add content to the site pages, resources, and knowledge base. In time this site will be a meeting house of herbalists worldwide and a place for people to seek out qualified herbalists, and information on herbal medicines and healthy living. Don't be afraid or shy, just step forward and participate, that is all we ask.

Green Blessings, Ribbit - The Founder of Herbal Wisdom

Herbal Wisdom: The Path of Natural healing is a sister site to Pagan Whispers, also owned and managed by Ribbit

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