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Herbal Wisdom: The Path of Natural Healing
Meet Ribbit


I am Ribbit the founder of Herbal Wisdom: The Path of Natural Healing. I am a medicinal herbalist, green witch, and shaman. I have been studying herbs and plants for as long as I can remember. I am a very spiritual person and I am very active within the pagan community. I find myself having a difficult time trying to write about myself here, because most of what I have to say is about my spiritual path and journey, however one reason for founding this website and project is to separate medicinal herbalism from that of magical herbalism.

Plants play a very important role in my life because I feel connected to nature in somewhat of a divine way, you can say nature calls to me, and in turn I answer back. They are also important to me because I am a healer, and the creator has provided us with so many natural herbs and plants that help heal us and treat our medical conditions and symptoms everyday. I think I am coming into fruition with my path as an herbalist because it seems to be one of the only things that not only excite me, but it is something that I love to do with a passion and even more so I am good at it.

I will tell you that while I have studied and experimented with herbalism and plant medicine; I have only just recently, within the last several years taken it to a higher level, a dedication of service if you will. Currently I don't have a paying customer base, and even if I did I would mostly work by donation and small fees for the medicines that I harvest, prepare, and make. Right now the plant medicines I make are used to help my husband, several friends, and several pagan acquaintances. These medicines are also a godsend in helping me, as I am disabled and have several medical conditions that prevent me from working. Because I am unable to work, it allows me time to study, read, practice my arts, and work with plants and herbs at home. In my bedroom and study I have a desk and table in the corner that have essentially become my herbal kitchen and laboratory where I do most of my remedy making.

I think I have a detailed and elaborate working knowledge of herbs and plants as medicine and their properties and actions. I have studied for years on end, experimented my hearts content working with many forms of herbal remedies mostly teas, decoctions, herbal oils and salves, tinctures, and herbal glycerites. Although I will be honest and tell you what has been and still continues to be my biggest challenge with herbalism; I have a difficult time identifying plants in the wild, which is crucial in herbalism as being able to identify and harvest herbs and plants, not only saves you money but is part of the path, enlightenment, and joy of being an herbalist. I can identify quite a few common plants, but those that I am not familiar are hard for me to spot and be certain, even when working with plant identification field guides and what not. However, despite my many challenges I do not let any of them stand in the way of my dream and my goals.

Aside from that, I will share some general background information with you. I am twenty four years old, and I live with my husband of three years in Oakland of the San Francisco Bay Area, California, US. I am of Irish, Danish, and Native American decent; mostly Cherokee, Navajo, and Apache. I was born and raised as an early child in Los Angeles county, Ca; however I have lived back and forth through most of my life between California and Oregon. I am an avid animal lover, I especially love cats and dogs, I am a member of PETA, and an advocate of the ASPCA. Being disabled has been a challenge for me, but I have never let it get in the way of my enthusiasm and passion for helping people. I have volunteered and worked with the homeless, LGBTQ youth, drug addicts, and mentally ill. I am a student of Psychology and  Social work, and hope to further help my community and friends by doing what I can to help and advocate for a better future.

Green and Happy Blessings,

Jeremiah "Jay" (Ribbit) Wilkes

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