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Herbal Wisdom: The Path of Natural Healing
Herbal Medicine

A Guide and Reference for Natural Healing

I have been studying Herbal and Naturopathic Medicine for quite sometime now, and over the years I have loved learning that we can heal ourselves naturally from things that surround us everyday. Plants and Herbs have been used for healing since the creation of man. Herbal medicine is the foundation of medicine and healing practices worldwide, before there were hospitals, before there were commercially available drugs, and before there was advanced technology healers relied upon plants for their medicinal properties. What amazes me today is the revival of natural healing using what mother nature and the creator has long since supplied us with naturally, although it has taken us a while to see it. One thing that makes me laugh is that many people today call herbal medicine an "alternative medicine", which cracks me up considering herbal medicine was used before our so called western medicine which decided to take it's root worldwide. While I don't think of western medicine negatively necessarily, what is important is the healing and well being of each person, you have to consider that even today many drugs and therapies are synthesized from herbs and plants. Though many of those drug companies will never publicly advertise it many western medicines that are commercially available and sold in most stores are made from many common plants and herbs that we see everyday.

As I said before that herbal medicine is a reviving practice, with that said it's still something that many people do not trust and shy away from because of the lack of information, miscommunication, and widespread uncertainty of herbal medicine's quality and effectiveness to aid symptoms, help cure conditions, and do so with a fair amount of safety provided one knows what they are doing. Of course there is going to be safety issues with proper handling, dosages, and yes even toxicity levels with different herbs, it is to be expected. However many herbs used in herbal remedies do have some toxic properties present, mind you most of them an insignificant amount. However most of the time either by the method of preparation or specific proper dosages assigned to each person uniquely; most if not all toxicity or safety concerns are eliminated. In comparison to herbal remedies and the drugs people take prescribed from doctors, there is or should be more concern with the chemicals, drug interactions, side affects and so on with commercial drugs. I am not saying screw doctors and avoid western medicine because believe me it still has its advantages; you should still get check ups and make sure your internal goodies are still where they should be and in working order. However treatment and therapy wise I recommend taking a look at your current regimen and seeing if perhaps you could find herbal medicines and remedies that would treat your symptoms and or conditions, because most herbs are natural, they usually treat multiple symptoms whether acute or chronic, and they are also rich in other nutrients such as bioflavanoids and vitamins and other good stuff that mother nature provides.
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